cat Free Fall Blues / Rock Band
Blues / Rock

Nothing is something worth doing........

Which pretty much sums us up.

We’ve been quiet for a while, had a few changes in line-up, but we’ve now settled down into our stride (which is pretty much a slow walk) and are ready for anything.

Well, nearly.

Shut the front door!!!! We’re recording again!!!!

And this time you can be part of it, and have a few beers at the same time – ‘cos that’s what we’ll be doing!

We will be playing at the Smugglers Den on the 10th June (check out the gig guide for contact info) and we are only going to go and record the night for prosperity (and also so the drummer can remember where he was on that night).


Come and be part of it with us – we can guarantee there is a possibility you may enjoy yourself.



Details of where we are playing can be found on the gig page – or you can join our Twitter page for regular updates as to what we are up to, what we are currently drinking, and where we are playing.